We are Andy Clifton and Heather Marie of Clifton|Marie Photography. We creatively and beautifully capture the essence of the moments surrounding the most special day of a couple’s life... their wedding.

Just a little about us:

Andy’s unique background began in college studying film and lighting, which led him to LA where he became a high demand digital artist and retoucher for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Pottery Barn, Perry Ellis, Nike, Woolrich and Kohl’s. His unique experience gives him the perfect foundation to unwrap the story of your special day.

As a professional photographer, his approach to getting just the right shot is to blend the elements of creativity, light and emotion together in each and every picture.

Heather’s love for photography began to develop during her modeling career. That experience makes her confident in guiding the bride, groom and their families in posing and feeling comfortable and confident in front of the lens. Heather understands a fast and genuine connection is the key to getting to the heart of a moment.

Capturing the best possible photos for a bride’s engagement, bridal session and wedding day is so important, and we know there is only one chance to get it right. With Andy’s unique approach to creating a magical moment, combined with Heather’s keen eye for composition and positioning, you can take a deep breath knowing the end result will be breathtaking!

We look forward to hearing from you, 

Andy & Heather


Our Gear:

Canon 1DX Mark II

Canon 5D Mark III

All Canon L Series Lens

  • 24-70mm USM II
  • 70-200mm USM II
  • 85mm Lens
  • 50mm
  • 35mm
  • 35 Carl Zeiss (For Details & Landscapes)
  • 100 Macro

Profoto B1 Location Kit (sorted modifiers)

Canon EX-600 Series flash with Quantum Battery