Deer Creek Valley Ranch in Bailey, Colorado

Becca and Ross. A Modern Love Story.

Becca moved to Denver in 2008 when she joined Teach For America as an elementary school teacher. She made great friends and fell in love with all Colorado had to offer from mountain hikes to gorgeous parks and from the fabulous brunch spots to the Denver FLEA. Ross moved to Denver 7 years later on a quest for new scenery and a job. Within the first couple months he successfully climbed two 14ers and attended concerts at venues in Capitol Hill. Little did he know that the love of his life was living 4 blocks away from the venue he frequented most often. Once before meeting, they were only feet away from each other at the same concert and never even knew it!

In April of 2016, they both “swiped right.” Ross loved Becca’s beautiful smile and photos of her travels. Becca really liked Ross’s vibe and Terrapin Station quote. After only a few exchanges, Ross bit the bullet and asked Becca out on their first date. Ross arrived at Historians 15 minutes early, as he prefers to run on Lombardi time and Becca arrived 20 minutes after, as she prefers to run fashionably late. Ross thought it was the cutest when Becca looked up (“Holy shit that guy is tall!”) and reached out to shake his hand. He smiled (“What a goofball!”) and pulled her in for a greeting hug. Over the next few hours they shared beers, stories, burgers (Becca ordered her favorite PB&J burger, which Ross still thinks is disgusting), and a movie at the Mayan.

To be continued…

Venue: Deer Creek Valley Ranch | Event Planner: Privé Event Design | Makeup and Hair: The Story Brick