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Flatirons Community Church | Tuscan Ballroom University of Denver

Lauren + Nolan’s Snowy Tuscan Ballroom Wedding

Wedding Details & Design Tuscan Ballroom Flatirons Community Church

Happy Valentines Day! Grab a donut, a hot drink of choice and cozy up to this wedding story.

Where to start when gushing about how much we loved these two? Lauren and Nolan came to us through Melody of Wedding Details & Design. Her organized and ‘make it happen’ nature was exactly what this wedding called for.

As we discussed their wedding plans over a beer at Cerebral Brewing, the couple explained what was important to them about their choice. Not only did they want to be sure the photographers would have fun working the wedding, which was so thoughtful, but they wanted candid photos throughout the entirety of the day. Budget was also a big piece of the puzzle as well. I could tell these two were very passionate about family, their church community and starting this next phase of life. (Donut passion too!) The little things didn’t matter to them as much as capturing the ‘realness’ of their day, and their love. They planned to wear casual shoes, so feeling relaxed was a priority. Sign me up!

The couple chose a January date to read their vows in their home church. The snow began coming down early that morning. It was very important to them that they privately exchange vows before the ceremony. We felt like we were invited to witness something so beautiful and monumental for these two warm hearted people. Melody’s candle wall provided a purple backdrop of color.

Breakfast was served at the Tuscan Ballroom on the University of Denver’s campus to include coffee and donuts, hot chocolate, pancakes and everything one might want to go with them. Make sure you check out the couple’s giant donut at their head table.

We were so grateful these two weren’t afraid of a quick outdoor session in the cold January snow. The Ballroom had a patio area, so we didn’t have to go far. The guests were able to watch the coupe kiss in the snow through the large windows. The falling snowflakes added a little extra romance we loved! These two embraced a Denver winter day beautifully.

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