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Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch in Loveland Wedding

Winter Wedding in Loveland, Colorado

Venue: Sylvan Dale | DJ: Ron Michaels

The Love Story of Evan and Kaitlin began back in 2012 at The

Corner Bakery in Fort Collins where they both worked.

Kaitlin’s first impression of Evan is that he was way too hot

to NOT be a jerk and also way too hot to be straight. Evan’s

first impression of Kaitlin was how pretty she was and

immediately knew he was in trouble.

One of their first encounters involved a $2 tip someone left

for Kaitlin. Evan was bussing the table, noticed the tip, and

gave it to Kaitlin. They debated a bit about it and decided to

split it. This would happen a couple of other times. Kaitlin

soon came to the conclusion that Evan was not a jerk, but

also sensed he was definitely straight.

It wasn’t until a couple of months later that Evan got up the

nerve to ask her out on a date. When he did ask, Kaitlin

gave Evan the wonderfully satisfying answer of…”maybe”.

Kaitlin had just gotten out of a relationship but she gave him

her number anyway. When she wrote down the number –

she wrote her area code as “3” not “303”. Evan thought he

was being “fake numbered” and texted her just to see if it was

fake. He found out it was just a typo and they made plans to

see a movie…just as “friends”.

The date went great. Conversation flowed smoothly and they

shared lots of laughs. Kaitlin decided that night that not only

was Evan funny but she, and I quote, “accidently like him”.

Evan admits to being a bit nervous that night trying to

impress such a beautiful girl. Kaitlin gave him some signals

that night and wanted him to hold her hand, but he didn’t – so

at one point in the evening she took control and held his hand.

Fast forward a bit to the first kiss…it was in the King Soopers

parking lot inside her freezing cold car after a movie. Kaitlin

is sure she initiated the kiss...again taking control.

A few weeks later at her house, Kaitlin had an awful cold and

she and Evan were on the futon. She admits in her own

words that she probably looked like “some type of troll you

might find under a bridge” that night. While her mom was

making chicken noodle soup in the kitchen, she whispered to

Evan “I Love You” for the very first time.

This took Evan by surprise, but he knew instantly in that

moment that he loved her too and he told her so. Evan knew

that night that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

During the next few months, Evan noticed that Kaitlin might

be getting antsy and occasionally she would ask if he was

going to propose. Though Evan was ready, he thought if he

did it too soon, she might think he proposed because she

asked him to and not because he wanted to.

He finally decided that he wasted far too much time putting it

off, so he asked his mom to go ring shopping to find the

perfect ring. Armed with Rosemary’s advice, expert sales

people, a loan from his dad John, plus Kaitlin’s Pinterest

board, he got the ring.

Next…he met up with Kaitlin’s father, told him his intentions,

asked for his blessing, which Jan did along with words of

advice and a bit of an interview. Then he asked her mom for

some help in planning the proposal. So all the parents were

onboard and ready.

For the proposal, Evan wanted to stage a scene from The

Gilmore Girls where one of the main characters is proposed

to in a room full of flowers. Evan knew Kaitlin loves tulips, so

he ordered 100 of them, set them up in her parent’s living

room, and lured her there under the pretense of taking some

“Holiday Pictures”.

Kaitlin sort of had an idea that “something” might happen

that night. When she walked in, saw the flowers, the parents,

and Ruby Sue, then heard “Wonderwall” playing on the

speakers, she knew this was it!

Evan took her by the hand, led her to the couch so she could

sit, and he sat beside her. He told her how much she meant

to him, and how foolish he was to wait this long…and then

got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to

marry him.

And by the way, since we’re all her today, it’s pretty obvious


Ladies gentlemen…I’d like to share with you exactly how

Kaitlin and Evan ended their versions of their love stories…

Kaitlin wrote this about Evan…

I realized Evan was the man for me when we got home the

night of the proposal. I cried because I missed the proposal

because I couldn’t stop giggling…so Evan proposed again!

He was also the first person on my doorstep when I was

diagnosed with MS (even though we were broken up at the

time). When I feel insecure, he makes me feel better. I also

love the way he makes me laugh. Here are a couple of his

best quotes:

“I hate food! Food is the worst invention since not kissing


Here’s another one:

“If you ever threw me out, I’d go around and tighten all the jars


Evan wrote this about Kaitlin and I quote….

I know Kaitlin is the perfect person for me because she

cares about my health and happiness even when I don’t. She

gives me a reason to be responsible. She is the best thing I

care about when I don’t care about anything else. She

makes me want to behave like an adult instead of a selfish


I love her so much because I know that she would love me

even if I was a total garbage mess, or if I had nothing to offer

her. I love her so much that it inspires me to be the person I

can be. I want to be the best person that she deserves.

- Written by Ron Michaels

Sylvan Dale

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